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That was very well done! And thank you so much for not making this a gory vulgar disgusting mess. Seriously. Thank you so much!

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Hey! Thanks for using my music for the intro. I had no idea, and I was just looking through my audio submissions when I noticed. I really appreciate it! :D

However, I did notice that the audio is a bit lossy and compressed sounding.. And when I listened to my audio submission, it wasn't that way, so I just wanted to make sure you were aware of that.

If you'd like to work with me in the future, please don't hesitate to ask!

Thanks a bunch! :D

josh-tamugaia responds:

No problem, Hayden. Yes, I compressed it in order to reduce filesize. Your original music is great and it's a shame I had to do that, but I had no choice. I do that to almost every music I put in my games or else I'd have 10MB games. I will definitely contact you if I need help in making music and also refer you to people in need of music.

Thank YOU too for the great song.

The audio is bad, and the gameplay isn't very good either. It's okay if this is one of your first games... But... I don't think this game should have been submitted. But keep up the work, everyone has to start small!

Finnegan2100 responds:

Yeah, the audio is a little goofy, but I wasn't aiming at any sort of perfect, clean game. Subscribe to my channel and I'll be SURE to show you some GOOD games over the next couple months. Heck, I'll even take requests!

Thanks for your comment and your vote!

Not too bad. While the formula is old (doodle jump and many other games), the music added a nice touch. I wish there was more of an ending though... I wasted my time completing the game.

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I'm digging the chord choices!

If I may make a suggestion/comment, it would have been nice to hear a melody soaring on top of the arpeggiated chords at the beginning. I'm not pointing out a problem, as it is not a flaw, especially if that's what you are going for. Just a thought.

Keep making awesome stuff!

Very nice!

The music changed up just where I was hoping it would. I also like how you built it up.
The notes that progressively tuned up were cool too. I enjoyed it!


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